Better Choice Company Announces Launch of 9 New Product SKUs

Better health and wellness choices for pets and people.

A Suite of Health and Wellness Brands

The Better Choice Company portfolio includes a widely-encompassing approach to pet health and wellness. From freeze-dried raw foods to all natural treats and supplements for nutritional intake, to oral care products and hemp-derived chews and oils for health maintenance, Better Choice Company ensures that pets are living their best life… now.

Our portfolio of brands are highly-acclaimed, profitable brands that have a track record of success.




TruPet, manufacturers and markets dry raw diets meals, treats, and supplements for dogs and cats in fulfillment of their mission to lead the industry shift towards products that create longer, better, lives for pets and helping pet owners understand the benefits of feeding a species an appropriate diet. 

Bona Vida

Bona Vida is a developer of brand and product verticals within the animal CBD supplement space. Bona Vida currently has several hemp-derived CBD products within the canine supplements space and is in the process of expanding its footprint internationally.

Better Choice Company’s vertical integration and operational proficiency allows a streamlined and scalable distribution chain.

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