Who We Are

Better Choice Company is a pet health and wellness portfolio company. We offer consumers a carefully curated collection of premium pet brands, hemp-derived CBD supplements and other services that support pet wellness. But we’re more than just a portfolio of products and services; we’re the voice for choice… changing the way people think about the care and feeding of their pets.

What We Do

Our mission is to provide clean, holistic, and nutritional options for consumers who want to bring their own healthier lifestyle to their pets. Our products promote wellness and support better and longer lives for pets. We want pet parents to have better options so they can give their furry friends the same level of quality they use themselves. As a health and wellness company, we go beyond selling products. We are champions for animal health and wellness. We do our best to educate and enlighten our consumers so they can make better choices. Pets make our lives so much richer. At Better Choice Company, we’re out to spread the word and change the world. Our passion is pets and the people who love them.

Our Brands

At the heart of our portfolio are TruDog, a fast-growing online seller of ultra-premium, freeze-dried raw pet food, treats and supplements, Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog, an innovative CBD platform, TruGold, a hemp-based product line, Rawgo!, a premium dehydrated dog food, Orapup, a dental health system for dogs, TruCat, a premium pet food and supplements brand for cats, and Pet Premium, a leading pet insurance provider. These categories are growing faster than ever before and we at Better Choice Company believe that a healthier lifestyle starts with better choices. We offer clean nutrition and holistic health products to pet-loving people.

Why We Exist

We believe that good health practices and smart nutrition choices have a direct impact on promoting a better quality of life. For people and their pets. Our brands are positioned as a holistic solution for proactive pet care and nutrition. As pet healthcare spending in the U. S. continues to skyrocket, we strive to be the go-to source for products that deliver a more satisfying and healthier quality of life through better choices.  

Where We Fit

Specialty pet nutrition, especially unprocessed, whole foods and raw, is one of the fastest growing trends in consumer goods today. An extension of the once specialized niche market for health-conscious humans, this segment has come into its own. It has mainstreamed into the exploding retail space around the trend in pet humanization. Consumers are willing to spend whatever it takes to give their pets the same level of wellness care and nutrition they demand for themselves. The family dog who used to be called ‘man’s best friend’ is now nothing less than a fully vested family member, with a full array of care needs, and a right to receive the very best.

How We’re Growing

Experts agree that pet parent preference for clean label, whole ingredient pet products are stronger than ever. Online sales in the pet care category are expected to increase by 15% between 2018 and 2013. Through current and emerging channels and technology platforms, Better Choice Company will be able to supply this growing demand for health and nutrition products in the dynamic pet health and wellness space.

Our Commitment

Our dedication goes deep. The way we approach full-spectrum pet care is two-fold: to provide pet products that both help avoid potential health issues and ease the symptoms of chronic conditions. It’s our promise to be there for pets and their people in sickness and in health. That’s our commitment and it’s for life.